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Dragonfly Dreams is a shooter type game with a primary insect theme.

What fun is having "dragon" as part of your name if you are not a dragon?  What if you could change that?  Well, in your dreams you can!

The demo version was previously released on another site (YoYo Games Gameplayer) however the company no longer runs a marketplace.  The demo includes 5 playable levels. In this version losing all health automatically takes away one life and refills the health. In the full version there is a lost life notification followed by a respawn notification, giving players the chance to prepare a strategy.

The full version has more levels, some of which are hidden. It is currently undergoing a few graphics changes before releasing here during 1st quarter 2018.  The full version will also include the ability to unlock and morph into dragons, and also obtain other upgrades. 

All funds from the game will go towards developing another game, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). A murder adventure mixed with hack and slash, fighting many undead legends.


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